The Wild Pregnancy Free Birth Education Class

Powerful & Autonomous Birth


About The Class

This is a LIVE & recorded 4 Week Class. We will meet via Zoom in webinar format once each week for the 4 week session. This is a lecture accompanied by PowerPoint so have a notebook ready! The slides will be available to download and print so you can reference them at any time. At the end of each class is an opportunity for Q&A which is anonymous so you can feel comfortable asking any and all questions. 

Classes will be recorded and available for viewing for the duration of the 4 session +2 weeks for those who can't make the live or wish to re-watch. 

Private Online Community Circle

Join your classmates and I in a private group where we can dive deeper on class topics through discussion, story telling, and experience sharing. Gather together to witness and share in our virtual Community Prenatal Circle lead by Community Midwife and Radical Birth Keeper, Heather Bowser. This is where we share and listen to the Pregnant Ones on their journey, share their birth dream and be held and supported through their fears. 

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This is not a "how-to" guide.

These are educational and informative classes packed full of research and experience.


The objective of this class is to leave you feeling equipped with knowledge, trusting your intuition and ready to make informed decisions about your pregnancy and birth. 

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This class is for everyone!

Wild pregnancy and free birth are NOT pre-requisites for attending The WIld Pregnancy Free Birth Education Class. Exploring how to connect with your intuition and learning about the physiology of birth will give you the confidence required for powerful autonomous decisions alone or with the provider of your choice. 


Are you ready?

Access to live and recorded classes. Live Q&A or email questions to me directly.

Class + Community

BIPOC -10% Discount

Access to live and recorded classes PLUS online private community circle. Connect with others in class, ask questions, share experiences, dive deeper into topics, be held and supported throughout the class.

BIPOC always receive a 10% discount. Be sure to purchase a BIPOC ticket. Black women wishing to use the Education Fund in any capacity email Jonea directly at

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Weaving ancient knowledge with modern facts for a powerful, spiritual, and informed experience.

Class Only



I just wanted to write and let you know how grateful I am for your course. The information was not only incredibly valuable but empowering. I’ve only recently found out I’m expecting twins, I had forgone all testing prior to an ultrasound at 28 weeks, which was just after week 4 of the course, and the information from the course is still encouraging me to use my instinct and follow my gut. If it wasn’t for your course, this surprise may have led me down the slippery slope of listening solely to my provider, and I truly believe that I am able to stand in my power because of the WPFB course. 


I have thoroughly enjoyed the Wild Pregnancy Free Birth education classes. Jonea is clearly knowledgeable and passionate about the topics. As a life-long learner and advocate for holistic wellness, these classes have aided me greatly in my first pregnancy journey. I love how spiritual Jonea's perspective is too, as it aligns with my energetic perspective of the world. I feel safe and more calm as I prepare for my first birthing experience. Thank you, Jonea, for providing such an informative, peaceful and welcoming space for women of color and wild women everywhere!


Jonea thank you so much for sharing all your wisdom with us. After taking your course I walk away feeling much more comfortable and knowledgeable in freebirth and all birth. As a birth worker supporting women in ALL birth choices is important to me and as someone who aspires to freebirth herself someday, this class was just what I needed!  I appreciate your energy and humbleness, thank you for holding space for such sacred work !For anyone who is looking to understand freebirth, this course is for you! 


When Jonea said in the first class "are you ready to be responsible for the outcome of your birth? that struck me deep. At 34 weeks, I had never asked myself that question. It really set the tone for the course. Jonea's course shared vital information for prenatal health and dietary suggestions, helpful explanations of medical terms and physiology of gestating bodies and a comprehensive look at a variety of birthing outcomes. My greatest take away was how to be assertive and proactive in my autonomy as a pregnant woman. And the importance of trust for my very capable  body and my baby boy.


Taking responsibility for your pregnancy and birth.

The Heart Work of Pregnancy.


Herbal Allies.

And more.


Managing your own prenatal care.

Routine Prenatal testing.

Working through fears.

Complications in Pregnancy.

Emergencies in Pregnancy.

Birth Certificates.

And more.


The physiology of birth.

Variations of normal vs complications and emergencies in birth.

Emergency/transfer planning.

Newborn transition and assessment.

And more.


Preparing for your birth.

Creating a birth dream.

Birth supplies.

Coping with the sensations of birth.

Postpartum Planning.

Preparing the placenta for consumption and rituals.

And more.


Registration for Winter '22 Session opens in Janurary

see you then